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Bonga, Djodje, Piruka and Richie Campbell were the stars that sparkled in Caparica

O Sol da Caparica festival

Sol da Caparica completes the second day with a lot of groove, music to dance and to sing, which animated the festival into the night, with many important names passing through the festival stages.

After the problems of the first day, with the delay at the beginning, the cutting of Michelangelo’s set, and the cancellation of The Legendary Tigerman concert, it ended up suffering delays again but besides that, it was an excellent festival day, with a full venue, to see the many names that were part of the second day of O Sol da Caparica.

The Comedy stage after the festival, Diana Nogueira, João Pin, but it was with Gilmário Vemba, a star who surprised us with each performance, whit lots of guffaws at the comedy stage, this stage, that later becomes the Jazzy stage, which featured several performances by Starfyah Crew, Jazzy Dance Crew, and Mgboos.

The Unlock Energy stage had music until dawn by Mandas, Hugo Tabaco, Danni Gato, who was a guest of Djodje on the main stage, but the star that shone on the electronic music stage was Deejay Kamala who closed the second night at the Festival.

The Free Now Stage started during the day with the rock of Nowhere to be found, who found their way to the hearts of their fans, who despite being few, danced and sang with the band from the first song, followed by Ricky Man and Vado Más Kiás who, with a performance full of energy, won over the many fans who were present, followed by the mythical Mão Morta by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, who revisited his best-known themes, and the night ended on this stage with the music of the band Alcoolémia da Amora with more than 30 years of career.

The main park had many reasons for fans who arrived early, not to leave their seats even for a trip to the bathroom, Bonga, the star of Angola, opened the stage and of course, it was no surprise that 1 second later, already all the audience was dancing, followed by Rui Orlando, the new phenomenon of Kizomba and Ana Joyce who sang with the audience his many hits, including “Melhor Que Tu”, “Te Amar” or even “Destino”, but between both the festival also presented a surprise, Ary, singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer who quickly won over the public.

Dodge, was the star that followed, the prince of Cape Verdean music, arrived, enchanted, and conquered the hearts of the many fans who filled the venue to see, hear and sing his songs with him, who knew from beginning to end, one of the great moments of the night, and then HMB took the stage, who sang some of the many hits that everyone knows, the night was already long, when Piruka took the stage Super Bock, the Portuguese rapper from Cascais, one of the most respected in the country and with more views on Youtube.

At this point, it was already impossible to walk around the venue, because of the number of people present, and it was in this fantastic environment, and already after 1.00 am that Richie Campbell entered the stage, despite the delay, the concert was scheduled for 23.50, then moved to 00.20, but the delays were no reason for anyone to leave, without hearing the singer from Caxias, like “Do You No Wrong”, it was like this, to the rhythm of Reggae, which ended at dawn the music on the main stage, another great day at this festival, sung almost only in Portuguese.

Today the concerts are:

Comedy Stage

  • Mangope
  • Vasco Elvas
  • Hugo Sousa

Free Now Stage

  • Kady
  • Mário Marta
  • Ivandro
  • Soraia Ramos

Super Bock Stage

  • Nuno Ribeiro
  • Cuca Roseta
  • Profjam
  • Diogo Piçarra
  • Plutonio
  • Sam the Kid

Unlock Energy Stage

  • Afrokillerz
  • Zanova
  • Karetus

Jazzy Stage

  • Latin Attitude
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Showmen

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