Bonga is the new confirmation of the ‘Nossa Lisboa’ festival

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On September 10th and 11th, 2021, Altice Arena receives the rhythm of artists residing in Greater Lisbon, from or with roots in the various communities of Portuguese-speaking countries, in the first edition of the new NOSSA LISBOA Festival.

From young promises to renowned artists, NOSSA LISBOA’s programming is, of course, very diverse, in tune with the identity of the capital, and is distributed over three stages: Arena, Sala Tejo and Escadaria.

With the support of Lisbon City Hall, this new Festival aims to represent the union, the brotherhood, the rhythms, the color, the joy and the sharing of customs of all races through music, starting from the strong connection of all these Portuguese-speaking communities residing in Greater Lisbon.

Fado, mornas and coladeiras, funaná, kizomba and semba, marrabenta, samba and Nova Música do Brasil… These are the rhythms of the city that belongs to everyone, these are the rhythms of NOSSA LISBOA.

Angolan Bonga is the latest addition to the lineup, and will close the Sala Tejo program on September 10th, the first of the Festival.

Bonga is one of the happiest examples of African music that sets out to discover the world, always adding something to each new destination. From Luanda to Rotterdam, from Paris to Lisbon, Bonga never stopped making music from his roots.

He was born under the name José Adelino Barcelo de Carvalho in Kipiri, but soon assumed the name Bonga Kwenda, still in his teens, revealing early on his political awareness that has never ceased to be acute throughout his many years of career.

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