Book launch -“The Child who wanted to be … Child!”

Work by Andreia Espain is presented to the public on June 1 at MIRA FORUM, in Porto

Because it is in childhood that the foundations and values ​​for the construction of a happy adult are formed, Andreia Espain, teacher and coordinator of the project Happy Zone wrote a book about the enormous importance of this phase of life – “The Child who wanted to be … Child! “The launch of the work will take place on World Children’s Day, June 1, at 5:00 pm, at MIRA FORUM (Porto).

Edited by Happy Zone Editions, the book has a message that is transversal to all ages, as it challenges the family reflection of children’s characteristics and experiences, the importance of educating the emotions in order to develop themselves, from an early age, skills that allow you to relate to yourself, to people and to the world.

According to Andreia Espain, “the narrative of the book is developed by a set of metaphors that are transversal to all, children and adults. The various messages are about what is most valuable to childhood, but we often insist on withdrawing children. It is about purity and the ability to enjoy the present moment in a child’s life and that adults forget so often. It’s about being a person, with all that it entails: emotions, learning, resilience. ”

Identifying and learning how to manage feelings at a young age is another of the messages in the book. For the author, emotional education is a central aspect of human development and, therefore, reminds that it is within the family that the child finds its first masters.

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