Boom Festival receives new international sustainability award

The Boom Festival, held in Idanha-a-Nova, was again honored in the area of sustainability, having received a prize from the international organization A Greener Festival (AGF), the festival announced today.

The Boom, which was named for five of the ten categories, was one of nine award-winning festivals, having won the “AGF Greener Creative Award” category, the organization said.

The effort of the Boom Festival, a biennial event of independent and sustainable culture, “to create spaces, art installations, and environments based on the principles of environmental sustainability and social ethics was recognized by the independent jury that awarded the winners in the first edition of these international awards, “the Boom said in a press release.

The distinction in the category of creativity was due to the fact that “it is a unique event at a creative level that leads to the dissolution of the narrow barriers imposed by the thought of the modern world, by promoting a wonderful connection with nature and with one another “says the festival, citing the organization of the awards.

The organization of the Greener Festival Awards also highlights the particularity that the Idanha-a-Nova festival is a moment that “brings together scientists, academics, artists, shamans, indigenous tribes and activists in a single space”, in addition to Boomland being “a work of art in itself, with the structures and sculptures of the festival merging perfectly into the surrounding by the use of natural materials and permaculture techniques. ”

The Boom Festival was also named in the Community Action Award, International Greener Festival Award, Pied Piper Award and Water & Sanitation Award.

The Greener Festival Awards, announced in March, “are the only ones in this area where their evaluators travel to the festival with an extensive and thorough review matrix,” points out the Boom Festival.

This award came after the Boom, for the sixth consecutive time, was rated “Outstanding Greener Festival Award 2018” by the same international organization.

This biennial event, held since July 1997 in Idanha-a-Nova, has allowed 720 new trees to be planted since 2005 through the Boomland reforestation program.

In the last edition, 40% of all the waste produced was recycled or used to produce organic compost and all the utensils used in the restoration were biodegradable.

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