Bordalo II takes art made with garbage and waste to the festival in California

The Portuguese artist Bordalo II is among the participants of the Open Wide Walls public art festival, which will take place in August in Sacramento, California, with Shepard Fairey and Pixel Pancho among others.

Bordalo II is the only Portuguese to participate in this year’s edition of the festival, which includes, among others, the North American Shepard Fairey and Tom Bob, the German duo Herakut, the Spanish Miss Van and the Italian Pixel Pancho, according to information available on the initiative’s website.

Wide Open Walls, which runs from August 9 to 19, has the mission of “promoting and celebrating public art”.

Artur Bordalo (Bordalo II – the first was the grandfather, the plastic artist Real Bordalo, who died in June last year, at age 91), born in Lisbon in 1987, began with graffiti, which prepared him for work by which it became known: sculptures made using rubbish and waste.

With the series “Big Trash Animals” has spread around the world various animals, “a way of making portraits of nature, a composition of the victims with what destroys them.”

“It could make human faces, but the human part is already present in this work full time, because it is created by a human and because all this material we use is already human. All this garbage is ours, it is not Nature, “he said last November, when he inaugurated” Attero “in Lisbon, an exhibition that was visited by about 27,000 people in a month.

In connection with the exhibition, Bordalo II left a fox in the streets of Lisbon on 24 de Julho Avenue, a frog on Rua da Manutenção, and a monkey, in the courtyard of the warehouse where “Attero” was standing, in the area of ??Xabregas. In Lisbon, there is still a raccoon on a wall in the area of ??Belém.

In Portugal, it is also possible to see animals created by Bordalo II in cities such as Estarreja, Loures, Vila Nova de Gaia and Covilhã.

Recently he was curator of the first festival dedicated to the ‘art of garbage’, which took place on the Spanish island of Tenerife and in which also participated the Portuguese Catarina Glam, Miguel Januário and Forest Dump.

At the Trashplant festival, which the organization presents as “the first international festival of garbage art”, it is “an exercise of environmental awareness through art, that is, of artivism”.


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