“Bounds”, Marta’s message

new single from the debut album "Montebello" and performs in the US

Inner revolt and female revolt: the first is well reflected in the song, the second is a strong idea of the video clip that accompanies it.

Bounds” is the new single that Marta takes from her debut album, “Montebello“, released in 2022, which has already taken her to perform from Minho to the Algarve, with a jump to the Azores and the doors of internationalization open in the emblematic Sala New Fizz in Barcelona.

What if the next step were to fulfill the “American dream” that the singer has cherished since, as a child, she closed herself in her room simulating concerts?… Well, the first two dates in the United States are confirmed and “Montebello” will be presented in Las Vegas on the 25th and 29th of this month!

The sharpness of the instrumental, the virtuous acidity of Disca-Riscos in the scratch, and Marta in growing anguish, from melody to the cry of the soul, from sadness to despair. The mastery of Frenchman Colin Girod (Thundercat, The Cinematic Orchestra, Rui Massena, and many others), who co-produces the theme and the disc, completes the equation.

In the video clip that translates Marta’s heartbreak into images, the artist appeals to “girl power”. It brings together women of various ages and Bounds’ message is no longer just hers to belong to all those who have been hurt. Simple and direct: they shout against false illusions, against cages made of rage, against indifference. Bruno Correia signed the video once again.

January 25th | The Shag Room by Virgin | Las Vegas
January 29th | Maxan Jazz | Las Vegas

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