Braga advances with the creation of the Animal Ombudsman

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The Municipality of Braga will proceed with the creation of the figure of the Municipal Ombudsman for the Animals of Braga.

The implementation of this figure is another measure aimed at defending animal welfare and follows on from the recent evolution of the legislative framework with regard to the defense of animal rights. The aim is to meet the growing volume of requests received in the municipality on this topic, harmonizing society’s new requirements in relation to animals and streamlining the relationship between citizens and municipal services.

The creation of the provider will allow for a greater connection between the municipality, citizens and associations, benefiting the protection of animal welfare. The Animal Ombudsman will be a non-executive, mediator, independent and public cause defender, who is responsible for receiving the citizens, clarifying the population about the existing animal policies and the responsibilities of those who care and seeking to enforce the existing legislation in this matter.

He will be appointed by the Municipal Assembly under the proposal of the Municipality of Braga, exercising functions for a period of four years.

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