Bragança allocates more than 65 thousand euros to entities with cultural and social solidarity purposes

Despite an atypical year, where Covid-19 forced the cancellation of the most symbolic activities in the brigantine calendar, some promoted by different municipalities in the municipality, the Municipality of Bragança remained at the side of the community, reiterating its support in this very troubled moment of history.

Thus, last Friday, it signed 25 collaboration protocols (out of a total of 27) with entities with cultural, artistic, recreational, humanitarian and social solidarity purposes in the municipality, in order to support, logistically and financially, its activity regular.

Thus, the Municipality of Bragança allocates more than 65 thousand euros, so that, despite the impact of extraordinary measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, entities can maintain, as much as possible, their regular activity, respecting, of course, all guidelines the Directorate-General for Health, and ensuring the maintenance of its activity in the post-pandemic period.

In total, thirty applications were received, five referring to associations of a social nature and 25 of a cultural and recreational nature. Of these, the organizers of the three summer festivals (“Quintanilha Rock”, “Festival D’ONOR” and “Lombada”) waived support for the organization of their events, so 27 protocols are celebrated in 2020, where there were two entities support candidates for the first time.

To note that support had already been granted and protocols were established with two entities at the beginning of the year, when the events were held: “Festa dos Reis”, from the CRA dos Caretos de Salsas Association, and the “ANDDI Winter Games”, of the CSP Holy Martyrs.

It should be remembered that the deadline for submitting applications runs until September 30 of the year preceding the exercise of the activities to be proposed.

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