Bragança and Mirandela install COVID-19 Test Centers

Considering the epidemiological evolution in the District of Bragança, the districts decided to install two COVID-19 Test Centers

With significant increases in COVID-19, both in health professionals and in the universe of elderly people, it should be ensured, immediately, testing in the most aging territories and vulnerable to the pandemic.

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and, consequently, the possible loss of human lives, the Municipalities of Bragança and Mirandela, with the collaboration of a Laboratory with national implantation, decided to install two COVID-19 Test Centers, one in each district.

These COVID-19 Test Centers will make it possible to carry out tests in all municipalities in the district of Bragança, according to the future identification of needs and priorities.

The installation of these COVID-19 Test Centers aims to complement ULSNE’s activity, speeding up the screening of the population, allowing up to 400 tests per week, minimizing costs, avoiding unnecessary travel and duplication of exams.

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