Bragança: Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Bragança stands out for the quality of its products, with flavors and aromas that seem to exhale of the landscapes from which they come. The simple confection is guided by wise hands, who know well the origin of the ingredients, often brought directly from the garden to the kitchen.

The succulent steak of mirandé veal – cattle grazing in the lime groves – needs nothing more than a pinch of salt and coals at the right spot to be served. Like the lamb chops and the kid of Montesinho, from herds fed with herbs from the hills. The game dishes are made in the traditional pots, heated in the ever-burning fire, from which aromatic stews and opulent rice come out that recall ancient palates.
In the cold-water brooks fish are always trout, always tasty, prepared in a marinade or roasted in the grill, which requires as sole seasoning the excellent olive oil of the region.

At the table in Trasmontana, there is no shortage of sausages, elaborated with ancestral knowledge. The fireplace is cured with alheiras, sausages, sausages, hams, honey chorizo, and also the typical butelo, which is accompanied by the casulas (dried bean peels), is the protagonist of the gastronomic festival held in the city in mid-February.

In the autumn, the mushrooms and chestnuts arrive in the woods and in the extensive chestnut trees, which are present in the menus in increasingly innovative preparations, both with meat dishes and tempting desserts.
It is also indispensable to taste the chestnut honey, the most characteristic of the municipality of Bragança, such as heather or rosemary honey, which will remain as sweet memories of a memorable stay.


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