Bragança installs Covid-19 Vaccination Center

The Municipality of Bragança will install, in the Arnaldo Pereira Municipal Pavilion, a Covid-19 Vaccination Center, which will start operating at the end of March, to confirm the delivery of the number of vaccines advanced by the Regional Health Administration of the North.

The installation of this infrastructure will allow mass vaccination to be carried out for the entire population of the Municipality of Bragança (according to the priorities defined by the competent authorities), thus ensuring better conditions of accessibility, safety and comfort to users.

The Municipality of Bragança will bear all the costs related to the logistics inherent in the smooth operation of the Vaccination Center for Covid-19, namely with regard to equipment.

It should be noted that, on this date, the Municipality of Bragança, in conjunction with the Parish Councils and Unions and the Northeast Local Health Unit (ULSNE) is ensuring the transport of rural users eligible for this vaccination phase.

The installation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Center by the Municipality of Bragança will be carried out in conjunction with ULSNE.

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