“Bragança. Naturally!” Receives “Gold Award” at International Tourism Film Festival

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The promotional film of the marketing campaign “Bragança. Naturally!”, launched in 2020 by the Municipality of Bragança, was awarded a “Gold Award” in the category of “Tourism Destination – City”, at the “International Tourism Film Festival – Africa (ITFFA)”, which took place in Cape Town ( South Africa).

A film that had the participation of the international model André Costa and with the narration of the actor Vasco Temudo, the only Portuguese to participate in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

Among the 315 entries from 55 countries, the Festival awarded 80 prizes in different categories in three sections: Doc&TV, African Tourism and International Tourism. The Municipality of Bragança was awarded, in this last segment, the first prize in the category of “Tourism Destination – City”.

More than all technical and specific issues, this international speciality award is a recognition of the concept and originality of the entire Bragança campaign. Naturally!”, said Hernâni Dias, Mayor of Bragança, about the distinction. “In addition to the real impact on the economy and local development, in a period as remarkable as the pandemic, this ambitious approach brought notoriety to the territory and a very positive reinforcement for the feeling of belonging of the entire community”. “I remember that the video was seen by more than a million people around the world and the results in terms of tourism in Bragança are effectively a national reference”, he concluded.

The ITFFA is one of the most recognized and highly regarded speciality film festivals in the world, part of the “International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT)” circuit, which this year takes place in eleven countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. For the first time in the history of this competition, the international winners of the ITFFA received points that guarantee access to the Final List of the CIFFT Ranking, which, after completing all the festivals on this year’s circuit, will define the Best Tourism Films in the World. We remember that “Bragança. Naturally!” is framed in a Medium/Long Term Strategic Plan for the development of tourism and local economic dynamics, promoting the territory as a natural, safe, close, peaceful and authentic destination. Basically, the ideal place to create memories that last forever.

Promotional Video Synopsis:

Bragança. Naturally! In a journey led by the protagonist, the international model from Bragança, André Costa, the narrative of the campaign develops around the return to his homeland and presents the reasons to visit Bragança.

In a flashback, the protagonist recovers childhood memories and dreams and the sensations of reliving them. It travels through the city, the cultural facilities and the most iconic monuments, testimonies of a past with centuries of history, capable of staying in the memory of visitors.

In contact with the purest nature and with surprising landscapes, André Costa sets out to discover unique experiences, walks ancestral paths and feels the authenticity of the land – a privilege that can also be part of the visitor’s history. In typical villages, true guardians of traditions, he is welcomed with smiles and in a festive atmosphere. The unique aromas and flavours of the gastronomy remind him of the spirit of sharing and the art of hospitality of the Brigantis.

Bragança is presented, in this promotional video, as a place to create unforgettable memories.

Fun facts about the promotional video:

  • The Municipality involved the Brigantine community in filming the video, with the direct and indirect participation of around 200 people.
  • The new tourism campaign of the Municipality of Bragança has as its protagonist one of the most mediatic faces of the fashion world: the international model André Costa. Born in Bragança, he has a career in the fashion field that has led him to work with artists such as Ricky Martin, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, and to represent brands such as Dolce & Gabbana.
  • The Voice-Off of the video is narrated by Vasco Temudo, 29 years old. The actor was the only Portuguese to participate in the famous American series “Game of Thrones”, on HBO, followed by millions of people around the world. He participated in the role of Soldier, in the 8th season of the series, recorded in Ireland.

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