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Bragança presents “Visit Bragança” portal and invites tourists to visit throughout the year

It is through the “Visit Bragança” portal that the Municipality of Bragança invites tourists to experience the entire territory, taking advantage of unique experiences and places.

The site reveals some details that make Bragança an unmissable and unforgettable destination, allowing visitors to follow the tourist experience, from the preparatory period of the visit, through the arrival and stay, until the post-return period (with the sharing of the visitation experience).

This multilingual website meets the latest trends in User Experience and User Interface Design, already featuring responsive, accessible, and user-friendly design, with the latest Web Accessibility guidelines.

The visitor will thus be able to access, in an intuitive and quick way, tourist information about the four main tourist assets of Bragança: Gastronomy; Culture; Nature; Patrimony.

The use of images/photographs was privileged, as a communication vehicle, of full width and height and long pages that immerse the user in his brand and message, giving a sense of place and source of inspiration.

The contents were selected in order to convey a level of captivating experience and excellence, thus favoring green, movement, and color contrasts.

Also noteworthy are the Bragança must-sees in which tourists are invited to enjoy unique experiences.

Hernâni Dias, Mayor of Bragança explains: «Positioning Bragança as a place for annual tourism and not just seasonal is one of the objectives of this project, through the dissemination of experiences for each season“ Bragança throughout the year”».

The tourist also has the possibility to personalize his trip by choosing pre-existing routes or creating his own.

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