Bragança receives “Código Aberto” exhibition until June 20

Admittedly an irreverent and critical artist, in the exhibition “Código Aberto”, Silvestre Pestana uses industrial materials, such as neon lights or computer equipment, to highlight the potential relationship between man and machine and between the real and the virtual, showing, always, some of the social, political and technological concerns of our daily lives.

The visitor is thus welcomed by a set of images and videos, displayed on screens, followed by creative photographs and small human figures. It is in a completely dark room, that neon signs refer us to the advertisements of other times.

On the upper floor, a large metal structure welcomes the curious, who can stroll through a play of lights and buildings.

Código Aberto”, open until June 20, brings together works such as “Sufoco Virtual”, Sociedade Aberta, Bio-Virtual, Águas Vivas or Neurónios, carried out between 1982 and 2020, throughout different phases of Silvestre Pestana’s artistic life.

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