Bragança strengthens the public Wifi network

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Within the scope of the urban intelligence strategy, capacity building for digital transformation and the promotion of the attractiveness of the territory, the Municipality started to provide, free of charge internet access in six more locations in the city, through a Wi-Fi network.

This project, with a global cost of 23,967.68 euros, financed at 15 thousand euros by the European Commission program WIFI4EU, is part of the Municipality’s strategy to implement a model of connectivity and services in the urban space of Bragança, which allows a permanent connection with the local community and visitors/tourists and that facilitates access to public services following the trend of smart cities, using technology at the service of people.

Thus, the project provides a Wifi network consisting of 14 more access points (APs), in addition to the 26 existing ones, distributed over locations considered relevant in terms of tourist influx and population in general.

On this date, the 12 zones with free wifi network (which comprise the 40 Aps) are as follows:

  • Contemporary Art Center Graça Morais;
  • Municipal Libraries;
  • Iberian Museum of Mask and Costume; Bus station; Municipal market;
  • Municipal Aerodrome;
  • Citadel (Praça do Castelo and ruaD. Fernão “O Bravo”);
  • Praça Camões;
  • Praça da Sé;
  • Jardim da Braguinha;
  • One-stop Service; Municipal swimming pools.

To take advantage of the service, it is necessary to register at one of the identified locations. Whenever he wants to log in to the network, the user enters his credentials in the authentication portal.

Through this service it is possible to surf the internet, in the identified places, free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and without a time limit. This service aims to bring greater dynamics and use of public facilities and spaces by the population and, furthermore, to make the Historic Center more dynamic.

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