Bragança wants to develop “smart tourism”

“Smart tourism” is again under discussion in Bragança, on Friday and Saturday, with international experts presenting projects and solutions to take advantage of the potential of betting on the concept “smart”, the promoters announced today.

For the fifth consecutive year, the municipality of Bragança is investing in “Smart Travel”, a discussion event on sustainable tourism strategies with a panel of speakers that includes some participants in the international Web Summit event held in Lisbon.

The organization highlights the participation of the Bulgarian Private Equity Venture Capital Association (BCVA), represented by Evgeny Angelov, a senior official of the Bulgarian Government with influence in the definition of Bulgaria’s economic policy strategy.

Other prominent names are Maria Marinova who, with Evgeny Angelov, promotes Bulgaria as an alternative destination for entrepreneurs, through the agency that is dedicated to funding and supporting new assets and ‘startups’.

“Its presence in Smart Travel has as the main objective to connect countries, share experiences and work in the construction of an alternative entrepreneurial ecosystem in which Portuguese, through Bragança, and Bulgarians can interact, to stimulate exchanges and new business opportunities and to open new markets “as the organization reported.

The promoters of “Smart Travel” are the Câmara de Bragança and a name of the region associated with this concept, Vítor Pereira.

In addition to the Bulgarian entourage, the event will also feature, during the two days, the presence of Normandy Madden, the person responsible for the communication of one of the companies presented as “promising in the world”, The Digit Group, which is “building” smart cities in Asia and America.

Another name associated with the theme is that of Nagore Espinosa, a Spanish academic who is dedicated to sustainable tourism strategies.

In the area of technology, two companies are present: the Japanese NEC, which implements technological structures, and Ubiwhere, a consortium that provides services in this area.

Bragança and the Northeast Transmontano promote the discussion around Smart Cities and Tourism and Smart Destinations since 2014, the date of the first Smart Travel.

The initiative aims to promote the “global discussion on the future of tourism in peripheral regions, protected areas and how to preserve cultural and natural heritage, ensuring a fair return to the population through a strategy based on sustainability, creativity, and innovation.”

The debate seeks to contribute to “a strategy for a unique, differentiating and intelligent tourism that must be at the center of all the action and the common effort of all private and public agents that relationally with this activity, which is assumed by all as an opportunity for progress and economic and social well-being. “

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