Brand alerts ‘even the tough-bearded men’ about prostate cancer

No one is totally free from the problem and so it is important to know the risks.

It is in the month of the Movember that all men are invited to grow their mustache as a way of raising awareness of a problem that is common and needs to be talked about all year long – that of prostate cancer.

In addition to this form of awareness that gains adherents every year, several brands are adhering to this mission to inform all men about the need to know the problem, in view of the diagnosis as timely as possible.

The Old Barber Shop is one of the examples that joins an association with the goal of improving one’s day. This year, it is the Portuguese League Against Cancer that associates, and supports in spreading and raising awareness of a problem that, says the brand, ‘can hit any man, even those with a beard.’

And because only words do not arrive, for each product sold during the month of December, the mark reverts 1 € to said association.

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