Branko at Campo Pequeno for Santa Casa Ao Vivo

Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, presents “20 20 Culture for all”, an initiative that aims to take over and encourage culture in Portugal

Branko gave a concert last Friday, November 20, at Campo Pequeno for the Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo festival produced by Everything is New and PEV ENTERTAINMENT.

In this festival, which aims to revive the national culture, Branko presented us not only songs that we all already know by heart, from his most recent album and previous ones, as well as new songs. The DJ invited Rita Vian to sing the remix of “Sereia” and EU.CLIDES for “Tempo Torto“, we also heard songs like “Ter Peito e Espaço”, “Sempre” e “Vinte Vinte”.

Thank you very much for everything, it is such a privilege to be on this stage at a time like this“, he thanked, being received with a giant wave of applause from the audience.

João Barbosa, known as Branko, is a Portuguese DJ and producer who first became known as part of the group Buraka som Sistema. His solo debut album as Branko entitled “Atlas” was released in 2015, inspired by his travels around Cape Town, New York, Amsterdam, and São Paulo, and featured collaborations with artists such as Princess Nokia, DJ Sliink, and Rodes Rollins.

He has worked with serveral amazing artists like Santigold and Anik Khan, M.I.A., Mallu Magalhães, Dino d’Santiago, Mayra Andrade, Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack, among others.

Branko’s second solo album ‘Nosso‘ was announced on 22 Jan 2019 by Rolling Stone Magazine and features collaborations with Sango, Cosima, Mallu Magalhães, Dino d’Santiago, Catalina García of Monsieur Periné, Pierre Kwenders, Miles From Kinshasa, Umi Copper, PEDRO and Dengue Dengue Dengue.

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Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, presents “20 20 Culture for all”, an initiative that aims to take over and encourage culture in Portugal. Everything is New and PEV ENTERTAINMENT are simultaneously producing 20 shows in Lisbon, in Campo Pequeno, and 20 shows in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota. A total of 40 shows, starting on October 31 and ending on December 19.

In order to guarantee the safety of everyone, each show is designed based on strict compliance with the rules imposed by the General Health Directorate (DGS). The use of masks is mandatory, in a space defined for this purpose, where all seats will be identified, fulfilling the mandatory distance between spectators who are not part of the same group. Finally, in order to avoid any kind of congestion between people, all entrances and exits will have their own circuits with the appropriate signs.

You can also see in this festival Carminho, Fernando Rocha, Rodrigo Leão, Richie Campbell, César Mourão, Mariza, Aurea, Os Quatro e Meia, Camané & Mário Laginha, David Carreira, The Gift, Tiago Nacarato & Bárbara Tinoco, Anjos, Fernando Daniel, Mishlawi, Rui Veloso, Jorge Palma, Diogo Piçarra, Mafalda Veiga, Dino D’Santiago, Amor Electro, Xutos e Pontapés, and more. Tickets on sale now.


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