Brazil’s support allows doubling of medicines production in Mozambique

A partnership established between Mozambique and Brazil will allow the Mozambican Medicines Society (SMM) to double the production of medicines from 2019, the Brazilian government announced in a statement today.

Currently, the factory produces five different types of drugs that help treat diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, mental illness and inflammation.

According to the director of SMM, Evaristo Madime, five other medicines could also be manufactured if the governments of both countries reach other types of strategic partnerships to expand the portfolio of the Mozambican Society of Medicines.

“The first focus is the production of medicines for the National Health Service, that is, hospital medicine. However, little by little, we are entering medicines for the private sector, either for pharmacies or also distribution by the service clinics private health care, “he says.

Through the agreement between the two countries, Brazil has taken the experience of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) to Mozambique, according to the statement.

“In technical training, no one here knew how to produce medicines, and today we can proudly say that we have Mozambican technicians who know how to produce medicines, who know how to manage the whole process to produce medicines. We have achieved more than 30,000 hours of people over those years, “says Evaristo Madime.

This is the longest cooperation project of the Brazilian government in Africa, and the most expensive, with an estimated cost of 40 million reais (about 945,000 euros), according to the G1 news site.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was a project enthusiast, where he sought to establish through this partnership a new foreign policy, aimed at increasing South-South relations between Brazil and Africa.

Beginning in 2003, cooperation between Brazil and Mozambique was motivated by the high rate of HIV / AIDS among the Mozambican population, but the initiative underwent a radical transformation. Instead of medicines for the fight against AIDS, the factory invested with greater incidence in paracetamol, an analgesic used against a headache and colic.

The most recent agreement between the Mozambican Medicines Society and the Brazilian government established a supply of 150 million tablets of paracetamol.

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