Brewers of Portugal promote awareness action with young people and influencers

The Brewers of Portugal promote, on October 17, at 3 pm, in the Auditorium of the Augusto Gomes Secondary School, in Matosinhos, a meeting with influencers and young people from secondary education. The event, part of the association’s social responsibility project, “Talking Clear”, will be attended by actor Tiago Teotónio Pereira and humorist and youtuber Diogo Batáguas, who will talk with students about the dangers of alcohol consumption by young minors. The initiative has the support of Matosinhos City Council.

“Although alcohol consumption among adolescents in Portugal has declined in recent years, several studies show that the consumption of alcohol by underage is increasingly early. The Brewers of Portugal have sought to continuously develop, in partnership with civil society and local communities, actions and tools to help teachers and educators address this issue and alert young people to the harms of early alcohol consumption ”, explains the general secretary of the Brewers of Portugal, Francisco Gírio.

The meeting, under the motto “To be tanned you don’t have to drink”, will take place in an informal and relaxed format. “We know that influencers today have a great capacity to impact and influence the decision making of young people, so we consider this strategic partnership to reach this target audience and enhance the effects of awareness raising actions like this one,” says Francisco Gírio.

As representatives of the national brewing sector, the Brewers of Portugal have made a strong commitment to social responsibility issues that consistently promote the moderate consumption of alcohol and non-consumption by minors. The association is one of the founding members of the National Alcohol and Health Forum (FNAS), a platform led by SICAD / Ministry of Health, which brings together a wide range of civil society representatives who have committed to developing relevant actions in this area.

Through the project “Talking Clear”, aimed at schools and families, and designed in partnership with the National Confederation of Parent Associations (CONFAP) and the National Teachers Association (ANP), the Brewers of Portugal have taken an active role in education. minors as regards the dangers associated with the early consumption of alcohol. “It is fundamental to invest in educational programs aimed at minors and families that can combat the illegal consumption of alcohol by minors,” he says.

In a first phase of the project, Cervejeiros de Portugal edited the “Speak Clear” manual, written by the childhood and adolescent psychiatrist, António Lorena Trigueiros, distributed to teachers, educators and technicians working in the area, which aimed to be a tool to help parents to address the issue of alcohol consumption with their children.

Earlier this year, a pedagogical animation video was launched which, through simple and immediate language, seeks to alert minors to the implications of excessive and untimely alcohol consumption and to demystify the main myths associated with alcohol consumption.

After Matosinhos, the Brewers of Portugal intend, in the short term, to bring the “Talking Light” to the center and south of the country, also in partnership with local authorities or other entities that allow the creation of synergies that enhance the project results.



2:45 pm | Welcome Session
3:00 pm | Video passage “Talking Clear”
3:05 pm | “To be tanned you don’t have to drink” session
              Speakers: Tiago Teotónio Pereira and Diogo Batáguas
4:30 pm | Interaction with young people
5:00 pm | Closing
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