Bruna Ene for the first time in Portugal

Bruna Ene, a singer of the new crop of talent of MPB, launches her first EP and will present it in Portugal on November 8 at Fábrica Braço de Prata

A soft voice and a heart full of dreams around the world. So is the singer Bruna Ene, who releases her first EP.

The easy-to-laugh woman who dominates the stage has gained a large following on social media through her talent. With her faithful squire, the ukelele, she impresses her personality in compositions that address everyday life, but in a sweet, fun and authentic way, with love as the protagonist.

His first authorial project is basically an autobiography on a path of love disappointment. To suffer? Of course, as long as it is to laugh at one’s own pains, even to relieve. This is how Bruna’s compositions were born, which also have the places of the world she visits for inspiration.

Part of the new crop of talents of Ceará music, the singer raises the flag of brega, precisely because of this suffering with humor.

The EP features five tracks: “Solo”, “Loving for nothing”, “I thought it was love”, “Thirty” and “Once” that mix rock, pop and brega. The singer says that the decision to leave for an authorial project was helped by friends and market professionals, who were important to trace their musical path. “When I decided that I would do my copyright project, I had the support of my great friend André Loureiro, audiovisual producer, who was living in São Paulo at the time and introduced me to people who traced my first steps on this journey, especially Raul Alaune. , a music producer who signs the production of many of my songs and Jeff Pina, a reference in the production of my style, being a musician of great national artists, ”says Bruna.

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