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Bruno Chaveiro | CCB

Graduated in Portuguese guitar, at age 25 Bruno Chaveiro is one of the most promising Portuguese guitarists. After several years of accompanying some of Fado’s biggest names, a journey through composition begins in 2017.

He realizes that he wants to share his favorite creations and songs with the public, which culminates in 2019 with the release of his first solo album – Desatino – presented live at the Fado Museum and all over the country. A fresh album with regard to repertoire and arrangements, evoking some of the greatest Portuguese guitarists, as well as their own repertoire and compositions.

Bruno Chaveiro says: «This record is ‘simply’ a record of my compositions, of my music … It is, in fact, an autobiography expressed through music, thanking all those who were crucial to my musical and personal learning. . I chose or composed each theme thinking about certain moments / people to whom I owe what I am ».

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