Bruno Humberto and Nuno Barroso among the winners of the Parallel Prize

Portuguese creators Bruno Humberto and Nuno Barroso are among the winners of the Parallel Prize and will attend Photo London next year was announced today.

Bruno Humberto is the curator of ‘Acts of Disappearance’, the exhibition that features photographic works by six new artists of different nationalities, among whom is Nuno Barroso, photographer and author of one of the exhibition’s works, December 15, at the Sinel de Cordes Palace, in Campo de Santa Clara, in Lisbon.

This exhibition was first seen at the Fotofestival in Poland last June and features works by Nuno Barroso, Serbian Emanuel Cederqvist, Danes Ida Nissen and Morten Barker, and the British Joshua Phillips and Thomas Wynne.

The Parallel Review Lisbon, which hosts “more than 50 international professionals linked to contemporary photography”, presents “for the first time together the six international exhibitions exhibited this year in six European cities within the first cycle of Parallel – – European Photo Based Platform “.

“Action at a distance”, with works by Emanuel Cerderqvist, Morten Barker and Philipp Meuser, was held in Hungary in April, and “The future is ours, which showed in Sweden in September photographs of Jacopo Tomassini, Antonina Gugala, Joshua Phillips, Laura Ramo, Milan Racmolnar, Pedro Koch and Ramona Guntert.

In the Santa Clara Market, also in Lisbon, it is possible to visit ‘Being / Seeing’, which includes works by Andrej Lamut, Sofia Okkonen, Charlotte Mano, Glorija Lizde, Mark McGuiness, Ramora Guntert and Toms Harjo. United Kingdom in April, and ‘Syntropic Surfaces’, which took works of Ramona Guntert, Sarunas Kvietkus and Joshua Phillips to the Photography Triennial in Hamburg, Germany, in June.

In the Sinel de Cordes Palace, a space of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, “Rarely pure, never simple” is patented, with works by Joséphine Desmenez, Livia Sperandio, Nita Vera and Phillipe Meuser, which was shown in Slovenia in May, and “Acts of disappearance, which includes photographs of Nuno Barroso, Emanuel Cederqvist, Ida Nissen, Joshua Phillips, Morten Baker and Thomas Wynne and passed through Poland in June.

The Parallel Review Lisbon, which is based “on the idea of Lisbon as an anchor of analysis, discussion and production of photographic images that compete not only for the recognition of the value of the image as a contemporary document, but also for being a link between its actors” , includes a cycle of talks, scheduled for Thursday and Friday at Sinel de Cordes Palace.

The Parallel Prize is awarded within the framework of PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform and, according to a note sent, distinguishes the most innovative exhibition set during the first cycle of activity of this Platform, launched in November 2017 in Lisbon.

The Parallel – European Photo Based Platform involves 16 countries of the European Union, 18 art institutions – members – national and foreign – and ten Portuguese partners.

Among the partners is the José de Guimarães International Art Center (Portugal), the Fondazione Fotografia Modena (Italy) and the Gaalerie Image (Denmark).

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