Bruno Pato releases new single “Faz de Conta”

Bruno Pato signs lyrics, music and video for his latest single “Faz de Conta”, recorded in his home studio. “I haven’t written songs in a while and maybe due to this world situation, the pointers of building songs, writing and traveling in the world of dreams, have returned to reason and especially to the heart”

Paulo Gravato helped shape “Faz de Conta” by being present in bass, percussion and mastering, and together with Bruno Pato in production, mixing. The video editing, recorded at the Manuel dos Santos Pato-Bustos Fair was carried out by Marco Rafeiro.

“I have the honor of being able to count on friends, who in this situation in which we live, [each in their own home], are collaborating in a noble way here with the boy”

Bruno Pato

From Aveiro comes another pleasant surprise in the context of new Portuguese music and with a tonic accent in the language of Camões, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bruno Pato.

The musician began to compose songs from an early age, without worrying about their future, but finally in 2009 when he met Lino Vinagre, he started recording for what would later become Bruno Pato’s first EP. In a Folk and Country genre, Bruno Pato’s influences come from his father, who through his teachings allowed him to walk the first guitar chords with only 8 years old.

The composition of the songs is done by the musician who recorded all the instruments, with the exception of the drums that were recorded by Hugo Ribeiro. Bruno Pato’s first EP then appears in 2014 called “Um Velho Idiota”, an album with seven songs that speak of life, of love, of leaving and returning!

For national representation in the showcase of the novelties we present, Bruno Pato the type of musician who puts his guitar through the country to make his work known.

In 2020 he presents Faz de Conta as the first advance for the next album, to be released later this year.

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