Bruno Pernadas and Mário Delgado together in the “Guitarras ao Alto” initiative

Guitarists Bruno Pernadas and Mário Delgado are the protagonists of the 5th edition of Guitarras ao Alto, an initiative that takes place in May and June in various locations in the Alentejo, the organization announced today.

The names of the musicians confirmed for this edition were announced today by the initiative’s mentor, Vasco Durão, at a press conference in Lisbon.

The organization made the challenge to Bruno Pernadas, who decided to invite Mario Delgado to make it look like them. “We tried each edition to have a different musical concept and this will be more jazz, but with Bruno and Mario it is not clear where you can go,” said the official.

The musicians will “create original content” that will be presented “on stages that intend to value Alentejo heritage“.

Concerts take place between May 24 and June 1 – Crato (May 24), Estremoz (May 25), Avis (May 31) and Beira Marvão (June 1) – in places like “Cloisters, Churches and Train Stations disabled “.

At today’s press conference, the musicians played three songs. “Just a smell, because, to listen to the rest, they will have to go to the Alentejo,” Vasco Durão challenged.

For Bruno Pernadas, this challenge combines a “very old desire, to have a duo” to “play in the Alentejo” with a musician who considers “inspiring.”

Mário Delgado confessed to being “surprised” by the call of Bruno Pernadas to challenge him to make a double since the two did not know each other.

“I knew his music and when I heard it he made me snap my head because it plays very different music,” he shared.

The fact that both are not just jazz musicians has been, said Mário Delgado, “one of the most difficult things – a good difficulty” in defining a repertoire for the concerts. “We like a lot of different things, we can embrace many styles,” he said.

Bruno Pernadas, a 36-year-old composer, with courses from the Lisbon Superior School of Music and the Hot Club Jazz School, and professor of Musical Theory, is part of projects such as Julie & The Carjackers, Minta & The Brook Trout, Real Combo Lisbonense and Blue Mountains.

The first solo guitarist ‘How can we be joyful in a world full of knowledge’ was released in 2014.

In September of 2016, simultaneously edited, “Those Who Throw Objects at The Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them” and “Worst Summer Ever”, distinct among themselves and mirror of multiple musical references.

Those Who Throw Objects at The Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them” is considered a continuity of the debut disc, with songs that cross rock, space-age pop, funk, African music and psychedelic. In ‘Worst Summer Ever’, Bruno Pernadas explores the most classical jazz language, using a variety of musical formations, from the trio to the sextet.

Mário Delgado, 56, studied jazz at the Hot Clube de Portugal school, where he participated in several combos and groups formed by students.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated regularly with Portuguese musicians from various areas, such as Carlos Martins, Maria João, Nanã Sousa Dias, Carlos Bica, José Mário Branco, Anamar, Jorge Palma, Mário Laginha and Janita Salomé.

With bassist Carlos Barretto he founded Carlos Barretto Trio, who also includes drummer José Salgueiro. With this training he recorded the albums ‘Suite of the Earth’ (1998), ‘Silêncios’ (2000), ‘Lokomotive’ (2003), ‘Radio Song’ (2002) and ‘Labyrinths’.

Mário Delgado, who is also a teacher, also participates in projects such as Filactera, TGB (with drummer Alexandre Frazão and tubist Sérgio Carolino) and LA Jumping Fleas.

In the following years, the initiative counted on partnerships between Norberto Lobo and Luís José Martins (2016), Frankie Chavez and Peixe (2017) and Francisca Courtesy and Mariana Ricardo (2018).

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