Brussels has over 190 million for EU agri-food promotion

The European Commission today adopted a budget of € 191.6 million for the co-financing, in 2019, of campaigns to promote agricultural products from the Member States inside and outside the common market.

According to a communiqué from the EU executive, the funding for co-financing of agri-food programs for 2019 is € 12.5 million higher than that available for this year.

Of the € 191.6 million forecast, an € 89 million tranche is intended to support advertising campaigns targeting Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States as growth.

The conditions for applications will be announced in January.

In 2018, 19 Member States received the EU’s green light for the dissemination of agri-food products, including Portugal, with production campaigns to promote green wine, olive oil, Alentejo pigs, rabbit meat and milk.

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