Brussels supports young people in the areas of green and digital transition

The European Commission (EC) is taking steps to give young people opportunities to shape the future of the European Union and to succeed in the areas of digital and green transition.

Concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market, Brussels launches Youth Employment Support, with at least 22 billion euros earmarked for supporting youth employment.

The employment support package is based on four strands. The Commission created the Youth Guarantee in 2013 and has since helped around 24 million young people to enter the job market.

A new proposal from Brussels on the program is now focusing on vulnerable young people across the European Union, covering people between 15 and 29 years of age. The goal is to ensure greater inclusion.

Brussels also presented a proposal on education and training for professionals, which aims to make systems more modern, flexible and suitable for the digital and green economy.

In order to help the Commission to fulfill its mission, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships has made 900,000 more opportunities available. The renewed alliance will support small and medium-sized businesses and will strengthen the involvement of social partners, including unions and organizations.

Brussels also announced additional measures to support young people. The plan includes incentives for short-term jobs and startups and training centers between several companies in the medium term.

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