Building an egalitarian society needs the contribution of men

The construction of an egalitarian society needs the contribution of men and this is the motto for the seminar “The man promoting equality”, which today brings together more than 300 people in Lisbon.

The president of the association “Quebrar o Silêncio”, promoter of the seminar, argued that the journey towards an egalitarian society cannot be done with only one part and that men have to be included in this process.

“We must bring men and boys to these narratives, what is gender equality, what is the equality of opportunities and rights and realize that not only do we speak of human rights, but that equality benefits the men themselves and boys, “Ângelo Fernandes said.

The debate “The man promoting equality – men and women side by side for gender equality” runs from today to Saturday, this being the second edition of a seminar that, like what happened last year, wants to keep the theme key, but now with a special focus on intersectionality.

On this particular topic, the official explained that there will be a debate on “black lesbians, intersectionality and decolonial thinking”, as well as on “gender equality in the gipsy community” or the “intersectional vision in the transfeminist movement.”

“We always keep the vision of how a man can contribute to a positive vision for these causes,” stressed Ângelo Fernandes.

According to the organizer, this year, in addition to the various topics for discussion, the last day will be dedicated to holding workshops to reach a more diverse audience.

According to the official, intersectionality “seems [an] increasingly unavoidable issue,” pointing to the case of women who “go through different forms of discrimination or violence based on different characteristics they have.”

Specifically, in relation to man as a promoter of equality, he explained that it has to do with the fact that it does not make sense that man is not part of the achievements of an egalitarian society.

The theme of sexual violence is still present and, said the official, “will always be in the program”, since it has “an endemic character, is everywhere”, and affects men as well as women and girls.

The seminar also brings to debate “the various dimensions of being a man,” as well as a panel on “survivors of intimate sexual violence.”

The last day brings a series of ‘workshops’ for parents to learn about sexuality education, gender stereotypes in traditional tales or emotional intelligence or inclusive language.

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