Bundesliga clubs will be able to make five subs

The 36 clubs that line up in the two main echelons of German football met in General Assembly through video conference, with the proposals being approved with 35 votes in favor and only one abstention.

The Bundesliga is the first football competition in Europe to return after a two-month suspension. The Bundesliga matches will be broadcast live, in high definition and exclusively on Eleven Sports, with comments in Portuguese.

One of the measures approved by the emblems was the possibility that the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga season could be extended beyond July 30th, if necessary.

It was accepted to implement a mechanics that will allow all teams to make a total of five substitutions per game, instead of the traditional three, as suggested by the IFAB.

Each team will have three opportunities to change players during a game, including the break for break, and if there is an extension in the second leg of the playoffs in the division descent, both teams will be given a fourth opportunity to change players.

May 16th:

  • B. Dortmund v Schalke 04 – 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 1
  • RB Leipzig x Freiburg – 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 2
  • Hoffenheim v Hertha Berlin – 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 3
  • Düsseldorf x Paderborn – 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 4
  • Augsburg v Wolfsburg – 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 5
  • Frankfurt v Mönchengladbach – 5:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 1


May 17th:

  • Köln v FSV Mainz– 2:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 1
  • Union Berlin v Bayern– 5:00 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 1

May 18th:

  • Werder Bremen v Leverkusen – 7:30 pm ELEVEN SPORTS 1
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