Butelo and Casulas Festival & Caretos Carnival

From February 21st to 26th, the most genuine Gastronomy and the best of the Cultural Heritage of Trás-os-Montes come together in Bragança for a unique event, the Butelo Festival and the Casulas & Carnaval dos Caretos.

The Municipality of Bragança proposes an intense weekend, which fuses the best of the smokehouse from Trás-os-Montes, Butelo with Casulas, and the protagonists of the most authentic winter traditions, the Caretos.

Promoted by the Municipality of Bragança, in a joint organization with the Union of Parishes of Sé, Santa Maria and Meixedo, the Confraria do Butelo and Casula and the Iberian Mask Academy, this event has the support of about 40 entities from Portugal and Spain, assuming a cross-border character.

Butelo and Casulas Festival
Praça Camões is once again the epicentre of the event, which this year, in addition to the space for the sale of smoked meat (with a special focus on Butelo) and regional products, receives various initiatives for all ages: gastronomic demonstrations, with Chef Justa Nobre, Chef Marco Gomes and Chef António and their IEFP graduates; “Butelo de Histórias” – Story Time & Creative Activity, in a recreational and learning moment with the youngest (target audience: families with children from 3 to 10 years old).

This year’s edition also includes a BTT Marathon dedicated to Butelo and Casula (February 23, Sunday). An event integrated into the Open XCM of the Cycling and Cycling Tourism Association of Bragança, whose registrations will run until February 19th at www.cronochip.pt.

But the news at Praça Camões doesn’t stop there. With the families in mind, the Municipality of Bragança has also prepared a “Tasquinha”, for tasting smoke and other typical products, permanent animation, exhibition of sculptural elements, carried out by students from Bragança Schools and IPSS, among many other activities ( Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm).

In order to value, above all, typical gastronomy and the local economy, the Municipality of Bragança promotes, alongside the event, the Gastronomic Week of Butelo and Casulas, which this year has 33 participating restaurants. The complete list and prices can be consulted at www.cm-braganca.pt.

Carnival of Caretos
The traditional Carnival of Caretos, which annually brings together, in time of celebration, hundreds of the most traditional and authentic Mascarados of the Iberian Peninsula in the city of Bragança, presents itself full of novelties. The true Caretos, born from the bowels of the rural world, free themselves from their natural environment and take the city by storm, bringing with them all the cultural and historical heritage, is a unique moment that values ​​traditions, promoting them and allowing everyone, inhabitants and visitors, a direct contact with this ancestral and authentic world.

Thus, on February 22 (Saturday), after a live theatre session at Praça Camões (3:30 pm), involving Butelo, Casulas and Caretos, the traditional parade will take place through the streets of the historic area, which in addition to the hundreds of faces and masks, coming from Portugal and Spain, counts on the special participation of students from the Municipal School Groups and users of several Private Social Solidarity Institutions, in order to promote our traditions among the little ones, increasing their sense of belonging, and with a strong social responsibility nature, revealing itself as an inclusive moment for all, without exception.

The match is scheduled for Praça Prof. Knight of Ferreira, at 17h00. At the end of the parade, in Largo do Castelo, there is the traditional Queima do Diabo, a seven-meter-high figure that will be symbolically set on fire, in a scenic spectacle, with the presence of the Caretos. Then there will be a concert by Sebastião Antunes & Quadrilha, in a space with small taverns.

The Carnival of Caretos ends, on February 26 (Wednesday), in the streets of the historic centre, where “the Devil, Death and Censorship” take to the streets, recreating a centuries-old tradition of the city of Bragança.

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