Caetano Veloso and his sons celebrate in Portugal the end of the European tour

Caetano Veloso arrives in Portugal next week to present the unprecedented “Offertory” show in the company of his three children, Moreno, Zeca and Tom, at the Porto Ageas Coliseum on Monday, July 30, and at the Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, on 1 and 2 August.

The latest tickets for the three concerts are available at the usual venues, Im.par, producer of the show, said.

With most of the sectors of the rooms sold out or with reduced supply, it was opened the possibility of buying tickets to the password in the cabins. In Lisbon, the purchase of these tickets can be made in all sales outlets (ticket office, stores and online). For the spectacle of Porto it is only possible to buy unit tickets from cabins or check at the ticket office of the Coliseu do Porto.

The “Ofertório” tour began in October 2017. After the concerts in Brazil, Caetano, Moreno, Zeca and Tom toured Europe during the summer, and the final celebration before returning home takes place in Portugal after the concerts France, England, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

“At the show we’ll introduce some of those things that have grown in us, from us. And my songs chosen by them. The Little Lion, whom the children of so many people ask, mine did not stop asking. And things like Reconvexo have to be there confirming the lineage. There are Moreno classics and new songs from everyone (including mine), “says Caetano Veloso, in the presentation note of the show.

“In the first conversations, we imagined calling a small group of musicians to enrich the arrangements. But rehearsing, we decided to stay alone on stage. The sound will be more for the acoustic and very simple. I’m the only one who only plays the guitar. Others may take turns on some instruments. It’s a family show, born of my desire to be happy “, says Caetano Veloso.

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