Caldas da Rainha guest city of Real Estate Salon 2019 intends to raise investment for the municipality

Less than a month from the 22nd edition of the Portuguese Real Estate Show – SIL 2019, the invited city Caldas da Rainha will show its potential as an attractive investment destination.

Caldas da Rainha City Council brings to the most important real estate event in Portugal, the projects and programs that are under development in the municipality, namely in urban rehabilitation. The City Council of Caldas da Rainha has been developing strategies to enhance its Historical Heritage, creating incentive measures for the rehabilitation of municipal buildings, adding to its development public projects of urban regeneration, which allow the requalification and promotion of key areas for investment. particularly at the level of the Historic Center and rural parishes.

The city of Caldas da Rainha has a privileged location in the Coastal Center of Continental Portugal, namely in the West Region, highlighting for its history linked to Health and Wellness and the Arts, providing its residents and visitors with the possibility of different experiences within this region. territory.

“We are facing a territory that perfectly combines its location with its physical and cultural characteristics, making these potential values ​​for the development of the real estate market”, reveals Fernando Ferreira, Mayor of Caldas da Rainha.

“The guarantee of the intersection between the Urban and the Rural, the Interior and the Coast, ensures the territorial diversity, which added to a multiplicity of functions and excellent accessibility, can only increase the potential for quality of life in the region.” County ”.

Elementary rehabilitate cores

The different territorial characteristics of the 12 parishes, added to their cultures and traditions, are determining factors to the economic potential of the region, being essential to rehabilitate nuclei that by their typology or historical characteristics reveal the identity and history of the places.

At the Urban Center level, the approved Urban Rehabilitation Strategic Program was based on the survey of the built potential and, in addition to the tax benefits associated with projects of this nature, provides for the creation of programs to support the private under Rehabilitation.

“Caldas da Rainha thus works towards the creation of territorial and economic gains, which privilege the existing and the traditions, seeking through innovation and new investments in rehabilitation, to dynamize the housing and commercial market, qualifying the Municipality.

The material heritage is as diverse as the territorial supply, and this difference in uses, seen as fundamental to the potential development of Caldas da Rainha ”, guarantees the mayor.

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