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Calema | Coliseu Porto Ageas

Porto Ageas Coliseum | May 1st

CALEMA, António and Fradique, already have more than 120 million views on YouTube and more than 200 concerts performed by more than 12 countries. CALEMA is the phenomenon of the last two years, both in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries, having stepped on the best and biggest stages, from the most renowned Festivals to the most important national and international concert halls.

Earlier this year, CALEMA launched a new record work: Yellow, which also gives the name to Tour 2020. On the road, CALEMA grabs themes already known to the general public and these new sounds with influences from Afro culture. Yellow promises to be a positive reinforcement for all of us; not only for the joyful and contagious sound, but also for the positive message embedded in each BPM. The CALEMA brothers definitely came to stay on the Portuguese music scene… and beyond!

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