Calema launch their “Best Of” today

Brothers Fradique and António will be present today, March 31, at FNAC Colombo, from 7 pm, for a showcase and autograph session.

After a decade of successes and several singles that went directly to 1st place in several Portuguese-speaking countries, Calema gathered 10 years of many successes in their first “Best Of”, released on CD, today, the 31st. March.

Songs such as “A Nossa Vez”, “Te Amo”, “Vai” or the most recent “Onde Anda” (with Zé Filipe), total more than 600 million views on the YouTube platform, making the brothers Fradique and António the band N 1 in streaming in Portugal and the PALOP countries. We will now be able to rediscover these and many other successes.

The “Best Of” also features several collaborations that Calema have undertaken along their path, namely with Batuta (in “Presa”), Soraia Ramos, Pérola e Manecas (in “Kua Buaru”), Rapaz 100 Juiz (in “Prepared”), Kateleya (in “All for Love”). Soraia Ramos appears a second time in the theme “O Nosso amor”.

This “Best Of” will be released a few days before the long-awaited return of Calema to the main national stages for two unique performances: at Sagres Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon (April 14) and at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto (April 15). These concerts bring sounds influenced by Afro culture, combined with more contemporary rhythms, and an unmistakable musical style that has conquered audiences worldwide.

The concert in Lisbon is already sold out, and the duo also recently sold out Le Dôme, in Paris, for more than 5000 people.

Meanwhile, the brothers Fradique and António were also nominated for the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards, in the category of Best Group.

Calema’s “Best Of” music´s:

01 – “Te Amo”
02 – “A Nossa Vez”
03 – “Onde Anda” – com Zé Filipe
04 – “Presa” – com Batuta
05 – “Kelê Mbê”
06 – “Kua Baru” – com Soraia Ramos, Pérola, Manecas
07 – “O Nosso Amor” – com Soraia Ramos
08 – “Vai”
09 – “Allez” – com Cubita
10 – “Bomu Kelê”
11 – “Preparado” – com Rapaz 100 Juiz
12 – “Toca a Todos”
13 – “Casa de Madeira”
14 – “Yellow”
15 – “Tudo Por Amor” – com Kateleya
16 – “Abraços”

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