Callaz publishes album “Dead Flowers & Cat Piss” and releases video clip

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Maria Soromenho’s music says Callaz ahead, a pseudonym with which she signs her artistic journey since 2017. She learned to mix sounds by herself, giving her musical language the background noise of autonomy, a preference for a work process guided by DIY philosophy.

In the first EP Beer, Dog Shit & Chanel N°5 (author’s edition), a collection of five tracks produced by Filipe Paes, she debuts with an apparently sunny plot in which peaks of anxiety, blurred memories and affection take to the stage under a retro filter. There are echoes of Nico’s melancholy grief and evidence of an experimental pop will that we would see with The Space Lady.

One year after its debut, Callaz edits Gaslight, a production in charge of First Lady and Chinaskee, in which the ambitions of the first EP are confirmed. Both daydreams and conclusions drawn from first-person experiences are deepened, as are figures such as Florbela Espanca or Mary Landon Baker.

After the release of Gaslight, Callaz plays for the first time outside Portugal, in Los Angeles. It is on this journey that she begins to develop the raw material that later becomes her first album. It begins a long process of experimentation: the songs are written over several months and explored live on various sites in Europe. It plays in Sweden, Iceland, Germany and Spain. She records the album in Lisbon and presents it on a tour in New York giving concerts in prestigious venues such as The Bowery Electric and Rockwood Music Hall. Her self-titled debut album is produced in Lisbon by Adriano Cintra and released in February 2020. Collection of 10 themes, sometimes playful and vulnerable, these are a captivating and imaginative fusion of electronic pop and indie rock.

In the beginning of the summer of this year, Callaz talks about the possibility of collaborating with Helena Fagundes, whom she met through her brother’s band, Vaiapraia. They started by recording a song, “Atonal Heavy Metal Song”, as a test of this collaboration (Helena Fagundes had never produced before). Then they moved on to a second song, “Aghast”. Happy with the result, Callaz sent in another eight demos to Helena in a few days and with that they created the album Dead Flowers & Cat Piss which is being published today, February 19, 2021. A work guided by the DIY philosophy, with few resources, in homemade studios and made by Callaz and Helena Fagundes without any other intervention.

These songs were written after the release of the first homonymous LP, before, during and after quarantine. The inspiration for the lyrical content comes from books, films, stories lived, told and imagined. Always aiming to experiment musically, this is another important step for Callaz to get where she wants.

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