Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation with a 1.2 million euro fund to help the elderly

The Gulbenkian Cuida initiative, a partnership with the Social Security Institute, aims to satisfy the main needs, improve well-being, and alleviate the isolation of elderly people across the country.

In a time of social confinement, it is essential that the structures that support the elderly continue to ensure not only the satisfaction of their main needs, but also the promotion of their well-being. In this sense, the Gulbenkian Foundation will allocate 1.2 million euros to organizations across the country, which are close to the older population.

The Gulbenkian Cuida initiative selected 69 civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to respond in times of pandemic. Projects promoted by different types of organizations were chosen, but all of them have experience and knowledge of the local reality and some are based on local partnerships, namely municipalities and local health units.

The type of support will be equally diverse, covering the fundamental components of the Home Support Service, but also activities such as monitoring health indicators, psychological support, physical and cognitive stimulation, or teleassistance.

Specialized teams, usually with multiple skills, will provide support to elderly people in situations of vulnerability, social and geographical isolation and in situations of dementia, through essential services in terms of food, personal and housing hygiene, clothing treatment, nursing, administration of medication, health care, rehabilitation, promotion of mental, physical, emotional, cognitive, occupational and well-being, teleassistance or combating isolation through new technologies.

The Gulbenkian Cuida reinforces the local response capacity, allowing to increase the number of people covered by home support services and to improve the quality of the services provided.

This initiative is part of the Covid-19 Emergency Fund, a five million euro fund created by the Gulbenkian Foundation and open to other entities, in order to reinforce the resilience of Portuguese society in times of pandemic. This Fund has support projects in the areas of Health, Science, Civil Society, Education and Culture.

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