Camané and Mário Laginha at AMAC for a quiet but passionate audience

“Aqui está-se Sossegado” (Here we are Quiet) is the new project that brings together Camané and Mário Laginha, two “big” names of national music.

Mário Laginha’s mastery and Camané’s warm and engaging voice gave those who went to the Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium, on February 29, a great musical night.

The project consists of poems by great Portuguese poets, such as Fernando Pessoa, Camões, José Mário Branco, David Mourão Ferreira, João Ferreira Rosa, João Monge, passing through the tributes to Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro.

“Não Venhas Tarde”, “Ai Margarida”, “Sei de um Rio”, “Saudades”, “Guerra das Rosas”, “Com que Voz”, “Ela tinha uma Amiga”, “Fado de Peniche”, “Se amanhã fosse Domingo”, “Triste Sorte” and “Aqui está-se Sossegado”, music that gives name to project were themes that could be heard in a night full of nostalgia.

Camané and Mário Laginha, voice and piano, two instruments that complement each other to convey to everyone who hears all the feeling and melancholy of a poem.

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