Camané starts this week a tour through five Belgian stages

The fanatic Camané starts next Wednesday in Leuven, a tour of five Belgian stages to present his most recent album, distinguished with the Manuel Simões / 2018 Prize, was released today.

In this tour, which ends on February 3 at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels, Camané is accompanied by the trio of musicians made up of José Manuel Neto, on the Portuguese guitar, Carlos Manuel Proença, on the viola, and Paulo Paz, on the double bass, with recorded the album ‘Camané sings Alfredo Marceneiro’, edited in 2017.

Camané performs Wednesday in Schouwburg, Leuven, in the Belgian region of Flanders, and on the following day takes the stage of the Zwaneberg Cultural Center in Heist-op-den-Berg, 40 kilometres from Antwerp.

On February 1st, the fairies of Camané sings Marceneiro and others from the repertoire of the fado singer, distinguished in 2017 with a Carlos Tenco Prize, are heard at the Belgian Cultural Center in Dendermonde and the next day Gent in the HandelsBeurs concerts.

The album ‘Camané sings Alfredo Marceneiro’ received in December the Manuel Simões Prize, which distinguishes the Best Fado Album of 2017.

According to the jury, the CD “reveals the artisan facet and affection, the inseparable patrimony of the fado, which Camané, an absolute figure of the fado panorama, does it in a natural way, without artifice or exogenous resources, but in the supreme fadista simplicity, of which he is master.

The jury highlighted the “illuminated interpretation of one of the matrix repertoires of fado, in an excellent equation with instrumental accompaniment“.

The Belgian tour of Camané ends on February 3 in Brussels at the Palace of the Arts.

Upon returning to Portugal, the fadista has scheduled a show, on February 9, at the Centro de Artes de Águeda, in the district of Aveiro, with the pianist Mário Laginha, with whom he has worked and who, among other subjects, music ‘Ai , Margarida ‘, by Álvaro de Campos, one of the heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa, a regular poet in the repertoire of Camané.

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