Câmara announces construction of Porto’s first canine park

The first canine park in Porto began today to be built in the Jardim de Paulo Vallada, and should be completed within two months, the chamber announced today.

Representing an investment of 38,400 thousand euros plus VAT, the chamber refers, in a statement published on its official website, that “experience may dictate the creation of more similar equipment in the city.”

The municipality maintains that the decision to move forward with the creation of the structure “was based on the increase in the number of pets in the city, especially dogs”, making “evident the need to create specific zones for recreation and activities of these” by “to foster their healthy and secure permanence in the public space without the use of a leash”.

The works will create “two canine parks in the Garden of Paulo Vallada (also known as Jardim das Pedras), one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs,” and aim to “inaugurate the installation of this type of equipment in Porto and correspond to a population’s eagerness to be able to have a place where they can safely drop their dogs. ”

Informing that the “spaces are fenced and aim to allow the dogs to run and play freely, without the use of leash”, the autarchy emphasizes, however, that the permanence of the animals “obey the established rules and posted in own panel in the place “.

With an antechamber at the entrance of each park “so that the owners can remove the leashes”, the fence of the equipment “will be made of wood panels, forming a pleasant space and healthy integration in the Jardim de Paulo Vallada”, it is still read in communication.

The parks “will be equipped with different wooden equipment that allow the animals to do jumping, ramp or palisade exercises, in order to promote physical exercise, agility and dexterity”, also contemplating “a sandbox so they can dig” .

In that space, “arboreal species will be planted in their surroundings, keeping the existing lawn” and “concrete benches, drinking fountains for humans and drinking fountains for canines and paper wrappers with bag dispensers for collecting and depositing waste”.

This work, under the responsibility of “ERESERV company, has a duration of 60 days,” promising the municipality to “evaluate and monitor the installation and use of new equipment in order to evaluate an eventual expansion of the network of canine parks in the city.”

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