Lamego presents the book “A História de Lamego em Documentos – A Cidade e o Aro”

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The work is a tribute to the city of Lamego and reveals several important historical data from the last centuries.

Next Saturday, September 25, the new book “A História de Lamego em Documentos – A Cidade e o Aro” by Father Joaquim Correia Duarte will be presented and edited with the support of the City Council of Lamego.

The ceremony, which will take place at the Almacave Parish Hall, in Lamego, will be attended by Alegria Marques, professor at the University of Coimbra and Numerical Academic at the Portuguese Academy of History, and Manuela Mendonça, president of the Portuguese Academy of History. the public presentation of the respective work.

In a true tribute to Lamego, “A História de Lamego em Documentos – A Cidade e o Aro” was born as a form of gratitude and expression of love by the author who lived for some time in Lamego, where he received intellectual and moral training. , which led him to openly express his passion for the city: “I love Lamego as a humble and pious devotee.”

Also launched with the aim of facilitating access to essential documents to support and develop works of a historical nature, the book also allows for a better understanding of the historical processes, personalities and events that in recent centuries have shaped the life of the Lamecian population.

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