Camões and Fernão de Magalhães on the scene in the city of Praia

Camões and Fernão de Magalhães are the protagonists of the theatre show ‘Os Lusíadas – Viajem Infinita’, which the Portuguese company Musgo Produção Cultural takes to the scene Friday, at the Centro Cultural Português, in the city of Praia.

The show is presented in the context of the celebrations of the V Centenary of the Circum-Navigation of Fernão de Magalhães, which is scheduled for 2019 and aims to look at the origins of what we now call globalization.

“Camões and Magalhaes are precisely two Portuguese workers who cannot ignore this idea of” world circumscription “, which today we must restate with the aim of encouraging intercultural dialogue, contributing to the rapprochement between peoples and cultures”, reads the note from Portuguese Cooperation.

“The Lusíadas – Infinite Journey” proposes “the rediscovery of a fascinating figure of universal traveler, Camões, through a spectacle of performative arts that combines the aesthetics of contemporary theater, on the threshold of performance, to a dramatic, text, anchored theater in a great rigor of the language (16th century Portuguese) and in a deliberately immersive sonic and visual involvement, “the statement continues.

One of the aims of the show is, “in a post-memory perspective of the Portuguese maritime voyage of five hundred, to reconnect, without ethnocentrism, the Portuguese and Cape Verdean cultures through our common heritage: language.”

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