‘Campo’ by Tiago Hespanha wins award in First Look section in Locarno

The Portuguese documentary ‘Campo’, by Tiago Hespanha, won the main prize of the program First Look of the Locarno Festival, dedicated to films in the post-production phase, worth 65 thousand euros, the organization said.

The eighth edition of First Look, which took place between 03 and 05 August, presented six Portuguese works in the post-production phase. Each film was presented by its producer to an audience comprised solely of professionals, including programmers, exhibitors, distributors and producers.

The film ‘Campo’, produced by Tiago Hespanha and produced by João Matos, from Terratreme, was awarded a prize of € 65,000 in post production services, sponsored by Cinelab Bucharest, according to information on the ‘site’ of the festival.

“Field” is a rehearsal film in Europe’s largest military base, where the military train with all sorts of missions that will develop in distant places. Mixed in this war scenario are playful and scientific activities and are seen as wild animals to run freely between bomb stores, “it can be read on the site of the producer, Terratreme.

‘Viveiro’, by Pedro Filipe Marques, produced by Luis Urbano and Sandro Aguilar, from O Som e a Fúria, received prizes for advertising services worth 5,600 euros, and the international poster design of the film, valued at 5,000 euros.

The jury of this edition of First Look dedicated to Portuguese cinema was composed by José Luis Rebordinos (artistic director of the San Sebastian Festival, Spain), Janet Pierson (responsible for the SXSW film festival area, USA) and Eva Sangiorgi (director of Viennale, Austria).

In total, there were six Portuguese films selected by the First Look organization to be presented.

In addition to the two winners, they also made part of the list ‘Gabriel’, by Nuno Bernardo (beActive Entertainment), ‘Golpe de Sol’ by Vicente Alves do Ó (Ukbar Filmes), ‘Hálito Azul’ by Rodrigo Areias , Oktober Film and Gladys Glover Film), and ‘Terra’ by Rossana Torres and Hiroatsu Suzuki (Association Between Images).

This program is a joint partnership with the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA), with the purpose of guaranteeing the finalization and internationalization of the films to be selected.

The 71st edition of the Locarno Film Festival began on August 1st and runs until the 11th.

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