Campo Pequeno Art Gallery presents new exhibition by João Carlos

The Covid-19 outbreak changed the lives of all of us. We abandoned the streets, left the stores and started working from home. Airplanes were forced to stay on land, restaurants and shops were closed and governments ordered their citizens to stay at home, quarantined and socially detached to slow the spread of the virus. This was very clear. What was not clear was the profound impact this would have on mental health.

The massive and sudden cut in personal interactions initiated significant and intense emotions over the weeks and months that followed.

This exhibition is João Carlos’ interpretation of the various phases of isolation and respective emotions.

Week One

Fit and anxiety. An adaptation period when staying and working at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fear is evident and uncertainty abounds, which leads to increased levels of anxiety.

Week Two

Boredom and frustration. As people deal with a totally changed world, feelings of hopelessness, loss, frustration and even boredom can settle. Will life return to normal?

Week Three and Four

Anger and paranoia. As the curve becomes flatter, the reality of a worse scenario becomes distant. People are beginning to question whether the pandemic is a scam, whether the measures were too drastic and criticize their political leaders. People begin to express their anger outwardly, demanding their rights and taking to the streets to march peacefully or destroy property.

Week Five

Acceptance and adaptation. People are beginning to accept their “new” way of life, which now includes masks, hand sanitizer, 2-meter spacing and which excludes large encounters, hugs and kisses. While some may find it easy to manage their emotions and adapt, others may still suffer silently under an external image of acceptance.

The exhibition will be open every day, from 11 am to 10 pm. Admission is free.

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