Campo Pequeno will pay homage to Joaquim Bastinhas

A posthumous bullfight to the knight Joaquim Bastinhas and celebrations of the 75 years of the Grave Grave cattle breeding are two of the “high points” of this year’s bullfighting season in Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon.

According to the company of the main bullring in the country, the payment (captive places for the season) will also be marked by the commemorations of the 75 years of the livestock of António Silva and the Group of Forcados Amateurs of Lisbon, as well as by the celebrations of the 35 years of alternative of the rider Rui Salvador.

The fertilizer will be made up of 10 bullfights, a steer, and a capra Arraiana, and this year also return to Lisbon names of bullfighting on foot and on horseback in Spain, as is the case of Pablo Hermoso de Mendonza and Cayetano Rivera Ordonez.


The season in Campo Pequeno opens on April 11, with a lineup composed of the riders António Telles, Rui Fernandes, and Duarte Pinto, pick up the forts of Montemor-o-Novo and Vila Franca de Xira, and Antonio Silva, which marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the currency.

The second bullfight is scheduled for May 16, with the riders Luis Rouxinol and João Moura Jr. being announced, joining the Spanish rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendonza. The handles are in charge of the amateur forcados of Lisbon and Évora and are bulls of Francisco Romão Tenório.

According to the Campo Pequeno company, the bullfighter appears on May 18, with the riders Mara Pimenta (presentation in Lisbon), Soraia Costa and Joaquim Brito Paes (also present in Lisbon) already announced.

As far as bullfighting is concerned, only Leonardo Passareira has been announced, and there is still a need to announce the groups of men who take part in this festejo (part of the equestrian festival), where animals from Passanha, Romão Tenório and António Raul Brito Paes are handled. foot, of Serious Murteira, Varela Cruz and Calejo Pires.

One of the “highlights” of the season will be on June 6 with the posthumous tribute race to the Alentejo rider Joaquim Bastinhas, who died on December 31 of last year.

In the square, will be João Moura and Marcos Bastinhas (son of the honoree) and the handles will be in charge of the amateur forcados of Portalegre and Chamusca. In the party part of the celebration, will be present the Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera Ordoñez, being bulls of Varela Crujo.

On June 8, the Campo Pequeno opens the doors to receive an Arraian cape, traditional folk bullfighting of the county of Sabugal.

The Autonomous Region of the Azores will be honored on July 11, in a cartel formed by the riders Ana Batista, Filipe Gonçalves, Tiago Pamplona (rider of the Terceira Island, who confirms the alternative), Manuel Telles Bastos, Miguel Moura, and João Salgueiro da Costa.

The handles to the six bulls of Jorge de Carvalho, who debut their livestock in Lisbon, will be in charge of the forcados Tertulia Tauromáquica Terceirense and Ramo Grande and the Beja group (handgrip contest).


July 25 marks the 75th anniversary of the cattle breeder Murteira Grave, working the knights João Ribeiro Telles, Francisco Palha and Luís Rouxinol Jr., fitting the handles to the forked amateurs of Santarém and Coruche.

Still to be announced, the posters continue on August 8 (honoring the 35th anniversary of Rui Salvador’s alternative), August 23 (debut of Calejo Pires cattle ranch), September 05 and 27 (commemorative run of 75 years of amateur forts of Lisbon) and October 10 (gala race to the old Portuguese).

The Campo Pequeno company also announced that, as a result of the decrease in TAA from 13 to 6%, it will lower ticket prices.

“Price declines will occur either in the season ticket (captive seats) or in the tickets purchased from race to race.”

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