Hollywood Channel premieres the duo “The whole truth”

Duas incríveis histórias reais que alteraram a História

In February, Hollywood Channel premieres the duo “The whole truth”, composed of the films “Critical Thinking” and “Radioactive”, based on true stories about events that changed the world, to be seen on February 8th and 15th, at 9:30 pm.

Based on a real event that took place in 1998, “Critical Thinking” tells the story of five Latino and African-American teenagers from one of the most problematic areas of Miami, who become national chess champions, under the guidance of a charismatic and unconventional teacher.

Directed by John Leguizamo, this drama, which airs on February 8 at 9:30 pm, revolves around the chess team at Miami Jackson High School, the first from disadvantaged neighborhoods to win this competition in the United States.

On February 15, at 9:30 pm, it is the turn of “Radioactive”, a 2019 biographical film about the life story of Marie Curie and her remarkable work that changed the world and earned her two Nobel Prizes: one in Physics, the other demonstrate the existence of natural radioactivity, in 1903, and the other in Chemistry, for the discovery of two new chemical elements, in 1910.

Devoted to science, Marie (Rosamund Pike) has always struggled to get support for her experiments due to her being a woman. Upon meeting Pierre Curie (Sam Riley), she is surprised that he knows her work, which flatters her. They started working together and later started a relationship that resulted in two daughters.

Together, Marie and Pierre discovered two new chemical elements, radium, and polonium, which initiate the use of radioactivity, revolutionizing physics and chemistry.

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