“Canção ao Coração” by Gisela João


Today Gisela João reveals “Canção ao Coração”, the third and last single of the new album “AuRora”, one week before its release

After LOUCA and JÁ NÃO CHORO POR TI, Gisela João today releases CANÇÃO AO CORAÇÃO, the third and last single from her new album “AuRora”, successor to “Nua” (2016) and “Gisela João” (2013), which will be published within a week, on April 9th, but can now be purchased in the exclusive pre-sale Fnac, autographed by the artist.

The CANÇÃO AO CORAÇÃO video, like those of the first two singles, was filmed in São Paulo, Brazil, and ends the trilogy of songs and respective videos that together form a short film. Gisela João, who signs the production of “AuRora” in partnership with Michael League (Snarky Puppy) and Nic Hard is, in addition to the voice of CANÇÃO AO CORAÇÃO, his lyricist and shares the music credits with Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy), her life partner and who she considers “to have received fundamental technical tools and empowerment to lose my shyness and finally assume myself as a songwriter and lyricist“. The two musicians of Snarky Puppy share the authorship of the arrangements for this third single, with the interpretations of mellotron, electric guitar and voice in charge of the first and the piano and keyboards of the second. Ricardo Parreira on the Portuguese guitar, Nelson Aleixo on the guitar and Francisco Gaspar on the bass complete the extraordinary suit of musicians that we can hear in CANÇÃO AO CORAÇÃO.


Recorded between Almada and Barcelona, ​​AuRora is released during the week of lack of definition, bringing with it the auspicious promise of brighter days and, 5 years later on the last album, Gisela João’s absolutely unique voice and timbre on the best and most ambitious album by his discography. A central figure and one of the most important interpreters in the history of Portuguese music, it never hurts to remember what Miguel Esteves Cardoso predicted: “Amália Rodrigues was the great fado singer of the 20th century. (…) I know and feel, with the same strength, that Gisela João is the great fado singer of the 21st century ”.

A constant presence on national and international stages, with electrifying and unforgettable performances, Gisela João soon established herself in contemporary fado following the traditional matrix, without deviations or artifice, immersing itself in its genesis, in its authenticity, without excesses or mannerisms, so that, in the end, stay genuine.

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