Cancelo praises CR7: “The proof is in the last Barcelona-Real Madrid …”

João Cancelo does not hide his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese side is a team-mate and Juventus’ compatriot and has no doubts about his talent.

“Barcelona without Lionel Messi wins 5-1, Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo loses,” began Cancelo in a statement to Sky Sports Italia.

“Every day I train with Cristiano Ronaldo and he already has five Golden Balls. If he does not win this year, it will be unbelievable. He is the better than the others and last season was more decisive than any other player,” defends Cancelo, who still commented on the possible victory of Luka Modric.

“The Golden Ball cannot be decided only by the World Cup since it is a tournament that can only be won by some teams. If you are born in France, Germany or Brazil, it is clear that sooner or later you will win the World Cup Just looking at Portugal when he won the Euro, was a great achievement and very rare, “recalled Cancelo, re-emphasizing the importance of Ronaldo.

“Cristiano has won the Champions League with a leading role, scoring 15 goals, and he is a better team than any other. , Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo lost 1-5. That’s the difference I’m talking about the player who makes a difference wherever he is. we can see what he does during the games, but what he does in training is a spectacle for few people to watch. The way he trains makes you want to train more and better. He never takes his foot off the accelerator, even being the best player in the world, “praised Cancelo.

“Juventus has always been a great club but now with Cristiano Ronaldo, it has become the main opposition of the favourite teams to win the Champions League. Cristiano was born to win and to help his team win,” said the Portuguese side of Juventus.

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