Canções Da Maria debut in the Coliseus in 2020

The Canções Da Maria, a children’s project created by Maria de Vasconcelos with the goal of showing children that learning can be fun, will debut at the Colosseum next March. The show will take place at Porto AGEAS Coliseum on the 08th and will pass through the Lisbon Coliseum on the 15th. During the show Maria, Mathias, Mathilde and Manon will show various songs, poems, lengalengas and many curiosities, while passing by. school subjects as interesting as the history of Portugal or notions of mathematics.

This project was born by Maria de Vasconcelos, after realizing that her two daughters Mathilde and Manon reacted very positively to the school subject through interaction with music. The association was immediate, Maria had always been seen with her guitar on her back, making songs was natural to her, but it was when she saw her daughters enter the school that she began composing songs about the subjects so that they could play at the same time. they learned more easily. In this way, Maria understood that she had found a didactic way to show children, parents, grandparents, educators and teachers that everything is easier to sing.

Maria’s Songs, which feature three CD + DVD + Book illustrations by Nuno Markl, now reach the grand stages of the Colosseum, with two absolutely brilliant shows designed to win over the young and the grown-ups. No one will be indifferent.

“The Songs of Mary” in the Colosseum. What a great Pintarola ”, Maria de Vasconcelos.

Porto Coliseum AGEAS || Sunday || March 8th

Orchestra Chair * 20 €
1st Audience * 17 €
2nd Audience * 16 €
Tribune 1 & 2 * 17 €
Tribune 3 & 4 * 15 €
First Box * 15 €
1st Box (Red Vis) * 12 €
Ribbon * 20 €
Ribbon * 10 €

Lisbon Coliseum || Sunday || March, 15

Audience 1 to D * 20 €
Plate E to O * 17 €
Plate P to Z * 16 €
Central Counter * 16 €
Side Counter (Vis. Red) * 14 €
First Front Stateroom * 17 €
First Side Stateroom (Red Vis) * 14 €
2nd Front Stateroom * 16 €
2nd Side Stateroom (Red Vis) * 12 €
Standing gallery * 9 €

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