“Canções do Pós-Guerra” by Samuel Úria now on digital platforms, CD and vinyl

«The idea of ​​touring Lisbon, accompanying a tour of new songs, came to me in a meeting with my manager. The aim was never to create official video clips of a settlement, but rather to create a simple visual component that reinforced the sound journey through the Post-War Songs.

Initially, the idea seemed ambitious and contrived: to try continuous filming to accompany the 9 songs. It would be all in a sequential plan, despite the progression of urban scenarios between each theme.

With the entry of Joana Linda in the realization it became clear that we needed to abandon the circus juggling of the sequential plan, and orchestrate the necessary cuts before making the small films within the larger film more dynamic.

In the end, it all comes down to a tribute to my creative process (so often disembarked on walking tours in Lisbon), but still a literal symbol of the lack of definition. There are no mean streets in our capital.» – Samuel Úria

Joana Linda was in charge of making the film:

«“Canções do Pós-Guerra” is a kind of suicidal mission of the audiovisual that I embraced with pleasure and desire because in my work I am not interested in the search for technical perfection or the vassalage of film theory. I am interested that, in the midst of chaos, one can get a glimpse of something that is a true portrait of reality or that transcends it.
This video, made up of 9 different short videos linked to each other, is an ode to Lisbon and some of our favorite places in the city. It mirrors all the imperfections of a Lisbon in a pandemic mode and thankfully.»
– Joana Linda

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