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“Canções do Pós-Guerra” – Solo with extra session in Porto

It is already on the 3rd of May, Monday, that Samuel Úria will take the stage “Canções do Pós-Guerra – Solo”, the special edition of the disc, now with six new recordings, revealed just a month ago.

With presentations scheduled for the Maria Matos Theater, in Lisbon, on the 3rd and 4th of May, and in Porto, at the CCOP Auditorium, on the 6th and 7th, a new session was recently opened at the invicta for 6.30pm on the 7th, thus giving more a possibility for the northern public to attend these special concerts. The initially announced sessions are sold out.

In these concerts, contributions to the Audiovisual Union will be collected.

Also in these concerts, the most avid fans will have access to the audio cassette that brings together, literally on tape, the six new recordings – unpublished interpretations of “Cantiga de Abrigo”, an original composed by Ana Moura; “Sinais”, the partnership with Hélder Gonçalves for the Clans; a version of Marcia’s “Amor Conform“; and reinterpretations of “Guerra e Paz”, “Fica Aquém” and “A Contenção”, some of the anchor songs of “Canções do Pós-Guerra”.

Recently, the television channel SIC premiered the series “Prisão Domiciliária“, which has a soundtrack by Samuel Úria. Based on an original script by João Miguel Tavares, Tiago Pais, Rodrigo Nogueira and Catarina Moura, “Prisão Domiciliária” features production by Santa Rita Filmes and directed by Patrícia Sequeira.

Samuel Úria’s collaboration on the series also extends to participation on the scene, wearing the skin of “David Rebelo Morais”. In fact, the series begins with a moment of confrontation with “Álvaro Vieira Branco” (Marco Delgado) regarding “Esta Balada Que Te Dou” by Armando Gama and the similarity with “Still Crazy After All These Years” by Paul Simon.

In terms of music, in addition to the inclusion of “O Muro”, “Tempo Aprazado”, “Cedo”, “Não Arrastes O Caixão” and “Mãos”, it is also possible to find the unpublished recordings produced for this purpose, a reinterpretation the theme “Amor”, celebrated in the voice of Artur Garcia, and “Bicho Mau”, the generic of the series.

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